Maintaining the lustre of your wood furniture

Posted by Commune on Aug 8, 2019 12:00:00 PM

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Let’s keep things real here – a piece of wood furniture is only as good as its owner when it comes to maintaining the sheen of it. We are ALL about having your furniture stay as long as possible with you because let’s face it: you’ve spent some serious moolah on it and we get that – so let’s take a look at a couple of products that will help your furniture look fresh.

Commune Rover TV unit in 2.2m, acacia wood with brass elements

Rover TV Unit ($1,799)

1.  Old English Lemon Oil

Remember that one person you could never agree with? That person that always preferred white when you chose black, or that time when they insisted that you needed to turn right instead of left. That’s how wood is with its enemy – fingerprints, sauces, candle wax or simply, moisture. So it is absolutely crucial to use Lemon Oil to protect, clean, condition and shine your wood furniture.


Weiland Writing Desk (U.P. $1,119.30 , now $839.30)

2. Guardsman Scratch Cover for Dark and Light Woods

So it’s been a hot minute since you’ve bought that dining table and a scratch or two has since appeared. No sweat, for there is Guardsman’s Scratch Cover for Dark and Light Woods – by  adding colour to cover hairline scratches, this wipe-on product is sure to make you forget that there was even a scratch on your table.


Volta Dining Table ($2,799) , Volta Side Chair ($569)

3. Guardsman Revitalising Wood Polish

If you ever find that your living room is too bright from how the sun drowns it every afternoon then Guardsman’s Revitalising Wood Polish is just for you. Unlike some polishes, Guardsman polishes contain no waxes, abrasives or silicones and leave no greasy film or buildup. And here’s the bonus – its formula also has UV protection properties to guard your woods against sun damage.


There you have it, folks! Regular maintenance is the key to a lasting furniture piece for years and years to come, so get polishing - stat! Learn more here -


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