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Posted by Commune on Aug 21, 2017 10:18:10 AM

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The retro-kitsch of pink, or #millennialpink, is making waves in fashion. Whether it’s splashed dreamily all over Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest Kinfolk or GQ magazine, Drake’s music videos, Diesel campaigns or rose gold incorporated in the latest fashion and technology (think the rose gold iPhone), shades of pink (especially of the rose quartz variety) are fiercely here to stay.

Millennial Pink

No flash in the pan, Millennial Pink is a colour increasingly universally embraced across both genders in 2017. The furniture and interior design industries have put on their rose-tinted glasses as well, defying the norms with a rose-coloured outlook, and in 2017, the meaning of pink is to be proud and bold.


Why did we choose to feature blush pink? Blush pink itself is quite a tactile colour. It’s happy, calming and adds a bit of flair and confidence to a space when done well. The universality of the colour also adds to its popularity, as a colour now more acceptable for men and women.

Blush pink is androgynous and can be both glamorous and edgy. Millennial Pink is the “new neutral”, as a colour that can be paired with anything from darker shades, like navy, to metallics and even other neutrals. We've paired this shade with furniture from our Crimson collection, whose slim tapered legs have a distinct profile shape that instantly carve out their vintage cred. The collection’s simple, sleek and horizontal profile, combined with angled legs, lend a retro, eclectic edge to modern interiors. 

Blush pink will give mid-century modern interiors a more gentle, nurturing feel, while giving a gentle nod back to the retro fantastic ’80s.

Take a peek at our blush pink styling tips for your home. While pink is often associated with wellness, the rosy glow that comes along with good health, it is also connected to the gender blurring that’s been happening over the recent years. Pink is no longer just for girls and blue for boys. Are you woman – or man – enough to showcase this trendy colour in your home?

1. Crimson 3-Drawer Dresser - $699.00


2. Culti Diffuser - $150.00 (250ml); $200.00 (500ml)


3. Copper & Glass Lamp - $259.00


4. Pendant Copper & Glass Lamp - $259.00 (Small); $299.00 (Large)


5. Jimei Carpet - $1,699.00

6. Grey Porcelain Vase - $89.00


6. Ceramic Vase with Grooves - $19.00


7. Cas Ret 3-seater Sofa - $2,199.00 (Fabric); $2,499.00 (Leather); 1 and 2-seater configurations and other colours also available


8. Cushion - $49.90

9. Crimson Coffee Table - $429.00


10. Porcelain Vases in 5 colours - $19.90 each

11. Oslo Square Pouf in 3 colours - $119.00

Oslo Pouf Square (Linen) - 55 x 55 x 35 cm.jpg

Shop our Crimson collection here.

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