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Posted by Commune on Mar 31, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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Today, Commune would like to share the inspiration behind a design style that we are huge fans of – mid-century modern, which Commune is often inspired by. The mid-century modern style in particular continues to be popular today because they emphasise well-designed objects with a timeless look.

Such furniture still sits very well in contemporary homes and interiors, standing the test of time while evoking a sense of familiarity. Going back and paying homage to nature’s palette of colours and furniture, such as dark wood, walnut wood or light-toned oak, is key to recreating this convivial, jovial and warm atmosphere in your home and living room.

Celebrating the Earthy Palette

Known for its strong connection to nature, democratic appeal and organic influences, the mid-century modern look is all about achieving the charming vintage look with a modern twist, thanks to wood furniture and muted hues. For the mid-century modern look, choosing a wall colour for your sanctuary that has universal, relaxing and classic appeal is vital.

Rich and earthy colours such as smoked coffee, latte brown, beige, khaki help to evoke a sense of gentleness, expansiveness, subtle warmth and comfort. These earthy colours are also versatile and easy to pair furniture with. These colours also harbour a chocolaty rich depth, which can sometimes help to highlight and further bring out the beauty of wood furniture, in a complementary way.

Commune's Cas Ret 1-seater sofa, DUALTONE COFFEE TABLE & LIVING ROOM COLLECTION 1.jpg

Commune's Dualtone coffee table ($839), Dualtone end table ($419), and Cas Ret 1-seater sofa (from $999)

Quick tip #1: Change the drapes

Curtains cost the least resources and effort to replace and are very easy to change out. Pair earthy-coloured curtains with wood furniture at home to really bring out the warmth of the house.

Dualtone coffee table and TV unit.jpg

Commune's Dualtone coffee table ($839) and Dualtone TV unit ($1,799)

Quick tip #2: Paint the town red brown

Wall colours make or break the space, as the eye is instantly drawn to them in any space. Painting them in earthy shades (in various shades of brown or grey) gives you a neutral canvas to work with, allowing most furniture to match.


Commune's Dualtone 6-drawer dresser ($1,699) and Zani 2-in-1 stool set ($299)

Quick tip #3: Layer, layer, layer

Select elegant and refined accessories to up the style ante in the room. You can even unlock rewarding depths of colour within the same space by mixing and matching different gradients and tones of the earthy palette, such as choosing different types of brown for the sofa, end table and paintings. With different gradients of brown, it will break up the monotony of the space yet ensuring the space remains harmonious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Add a few colour splashes, accents and surprising yet pleasant highlights to doll up the space and catch the eye of your guests without overwhelming them.

Commune-Linear-Living-Room-furniture.jpgCommune's house shelves in walnut ($1,099), Verishron L-shaped sofa with ottoman (from $2,299), Linear coffee table ($699.30) and Linear TV unit ($1,259.30)

Of course the quickest way to jazz up your space is with the careful curation of beautiful and fashionable furniture.

Furniture with simple forms, minimalist lines, exquisite detailing and thoughtful design, that is unique and also comfortable in any space. Every crafted piece of furniture at Commune is born out of a designer’s dream and vision, the result of an artisanal dialogue with the world.

Established in 2011, Commune is a home-grown furniture design and lifestyle company that originated in Singapore, crafting high quality artisanal works for the design savvy. As a brand with growing international presence and aspirations, Commune encapsulates quiet modernity; unifying function, effortless form and intelligent craftsmanship. Commune’s designs are human-centric, with beauty and the needs of the modern individual as two essential considerations in its conceptualisation process. The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in our involvement across the full production process – from creative conceptualisation to the eventual manufacture of each final product. A strong advocate for sustainability, Commune also uses eco-conscious wood and timber imported from sustainable sources in USA and Asia, and lacquers and coatings with low lead content.

With our distinctive and form-fitting designs, our furniture provides smart solutions for trendy urbanites and apartment living. Each piece is sized to fit comfortably within the small living spaces typical of city life, and thoughtfully priced to be accessible to a wide range of customers. To date, Commune has established a strong regional presence with over 40 stores spanning across China, four in Singapore, three in Malaysia, one in Australia and one in the Philippines.

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