Industrial Irreverence

Posted by Commune on May 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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From fashion to furniture, the industrial style is back - it's all about distressed finishes, an unpretentious rustic charm, utilitarian surfaces and grit.

The Industrial Revolution

The period between the mid-1700's and mid-1800's was one of great technological and social change. The Industrial Revolution was the harbinger of the modern way of life, with unthinkable transformations of entire ecosystems. It was a period of great innovation and many of the items we see today were inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Many old industrial factories that were built at that time have now been transformed into industrial chic sites and spaces. The fashionable rise of the industrial style and interest in it is driven by nostalgia, with the new “industrial revolution” emerging as a wave from its birthplace of Europe all the way to the United States and Asia. Nowadays, restaurants or cafes decked out in the industrial style can be seen all over the world. From fashion, design to furniture, it’s now all about distressed finishes, an unpretentious rustic charm, utilitarian surfaces and grit.

COMMUNE_WeChat Industrial 1

Commune Tusk TV unit, S$1,899. 

All About the Leather

The hallmarks of the industrial style are human innovation and ingenuity, humble materials and joie de vivre. You’ll love it if you pride yourself on a masculine, non-conformist style. Leather furniture is a staple choice in this style, behaving as an excellent neutral that features an abundance of rich textures. The best way to decorate with leather furniture is to use it as sparingly as possible, mixing your furniture into groups that consist mainly of upholstered furniture. Leather gets better with age and will still look good twenty years after the day you bought it, and it’s important to choose a vintage, old-fashioned colour to achieve the industrial look. Pair it with industrial furnishings that are minimal and no-nonsense, with strong, clean lines and no excess. An industrial styled home should erase the line between trash and treasure and reveal the unfinished beauty in everyday “junk” or flotsam.

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Original design by Commune - Modern industrial Tusk Dining Table and Tusk Fabric Chair and Tusk Leather Bench (Large)Commune Tusk dining table, S$2,099; Tusk bench in leather (S$899); Tusk side chairs in fabric (S$399) or leather (S$449).

Metal Elements are Key 

If there’s a go-to material that defines the industrial style in the house, it’s metal. Tin, steel, iron and aluminium create a clean, cool, functional sensibility and lend just the right touch of sleekness without feeling too upscale. Choose metals that have a matte finish or a hint of patina. Industrial style is not about shine and sparkle – the more rustic, the better. It’s also best to break up all the metal with other materials, such as wood or stone, to keep from feeling as though you live in a factory. This is where Commune’s Tusk collection offers the best of both worlds – with metal meeting wood for a delightful textural interplay of grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal finished in black. Inspired by wine crates, the Tusk collection features solid American oak with powder-coated mild steel for a rustic yet warm aesthetic. Its strong angles and bold look make it the ideal choice for modern urbanites who wish to recapture the ever-popular industrial cafe look right at home.

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