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Posted by Commune on Jul 22, 2017 8:03:32 AM

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The bedroom is the one sanctuary where you should always be able to go and recharge, away from the chaos of the day. Give yourself home court advantage by choosing furniture you love, as we share these tips to help you conjure your personal oasis with cool hues and subtle details.

Choosing the Right Colour

Muted tones are best for bringing a sense of calm to a cozy room under the eaves. The rustic and traditional details of the Bowen bedroom collection, updated for a modern audience, can yield a light, relaxing space. New life is given to the vintage look with its rounded corners and gently tapered legs. Earthy colours from wood are also particularly soothing on the nerves after a long day, evoking the calming colours of the outdoors.

Accent Features

It’s important to invest in efficient storage in the bedroom for clutter-free living, so dressers or chest-of-drawers are a great way to sort out the mess.

To create more opportunities for relaxation, slip in an upholstered bench or pouf. Seating in the bedroom can make a room feel cozy and inviting – and It’s perfect for reading or having conversations with your partner. It’s also great for putting on shoes or checking email and having a good start to the day.

For a perfectly balanced zone, we’ve also suggested to combine hard and soft shapes (think square versus circular) in equal measures. To jazz things up, the button details on the Bowie bed also form the perfect accent to its already unique upholstered headboard.

Mid-century class

There’s an enduring power that vintage items hold across eras, in the way they can instantly conjure up a nostalgic atmosphere of the ‘good old times’ and lend an air of authenticity. The mid-century modern look continues to be popular today because it emphasises well-designed objects with a timeless look. Such furniture sits very well in contemporary homes and interiors – standing the test of time while evoking a sense of familiarity.

Conjuring up a jovial, convivial ambience in the home, Commune achieves this through premium American black walnut. Inspired by 50s-60s mid-century design and modern retro designs, the Bowen collection plays on beautiful curves and fluid forms while optimising comfort and pleasure at affordable prices.

Form follows function in the Bowen collection as the aesthetic is a classic, understated one, utilising clean lines, organic curves and simple shapes with minimal fuss and ornamentation – true to the spirit of mid-century modern design. The collection’s sophisticated craftsmanship also requires skill in working with solid timber, because edges have to be perfectly shaped, sanded and curved to echo the softness of vintage mid-century designs.

1. Pendant Lamp with Black Cable - $299 (Sales Price: $284.05)

Tebrisi (Charcoal) - 160 x 230 cm.jpg

2. Tebrisi Rug in Charcoal - $1,799 


3. Blue Vases with Grooves - Large: $39.90; Medium: $29.90


4. Bowen 5-Drawer Chest - $1,599

5. Black Cushion - $49.90

6. Rectangular Cushion with Tribal Print - $39.90


7. Bowen Night Stand - $399


8. Bowie Bed - Queen: $2,099; King: $2,299

Zani - Deniml + Java Rustic.jpg

9. Zani Stool Set in Denim Blue - $299

10. Oslo Round Pouf - $199 (Sales Price: $189.05)


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